13 Career Goals To Tackle In 2022

Photo: Bich Tran, pexels.com It’s almost February…how are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you are like most of us, you’ve probably already given up on quite a few of them. Don’t worry, it happens! I sometimes like to take a more segmented approach to my goals. Monthly goals seem easier to tackle than aContinue reading “13 Career Goals To Tackle In 2022”

5 Strategic Ways to Kick Off A Successful Job Search

Photo: Prateek Katyal | Unsplash.com Are you happy in your current job? If not, you’re not alone! Research shows that more than half of employees in the U.S. (51%) are either already looking for a new job or considering it. If you are ready to explore new career opportunities, there are many things to consider…primarily what doContinue reading “5 Strategic Ways to Kick Off A Successful Job Search”