I’ve always had a knack for writing resumes and performing well in job interviews, but after a layoff, I experienced a new type of job search. One that was not by choice, was completely unexpected, and wasn’t going well at all. My industry, along with most others, had taken a hard hit and employers were not hiring. 

During this time, I began to volunteer in the community — mostly to escape my ongoing pity party — and the task I was given was to help unemployed men and women find jobs. Ironic, right?

It turned out that I could easily relate to them because I was in the same boat. After a few months, I used the volunteer experience I’d gained to land a full-time gig doing the same type of work.

Though I eventually returned to my previous career field, I found that I really enjoy helping people explore their interests, identify their passions, and create action plans to reach their career goals. I’ve helped job seekers of all ages and career levels develop résumés, craft cover letters, and approach job interviews with confidence. I’ve also written career advice blogs that have been published on both corporate and community websites, and I teach workshops for job seekers throughout the community.

Let’s build your career together.