3 Ways Job Seekers Get This Interview Question Wrong, And How You Should Answer It

Have you struggled with how to answer “Tell me about yourself” in a job interview? It is one of the most common interview questions, and it causes many job seekers to stumble when answering it.

3 Incredibly Easy Steps To Ensure You Ace Your Next Job Interview!

Photo: Bruce Mars | unsplash.com Job interviews strike fear in most of us, but a little preparation can help your meeting with an employer go well. Of course you need to remember the basics: arrive early, leave your cell phone in the car, dress professionally, and research the company and position as much as possibleContinue reading “3 Incredibly Easy Steps To Ensure You Ace Your Next Job Interview!”

5 Strategic Ways to Kick Off A Successful Job Search

Photo: Prateek Katyal | Unsplash.com Are you happy in your current job? If not, you’re not alone! Research shows that more than half of employees in the U.S. (51%) are either already looking for a new job or considering it. If you are ready to explore new career opportunities, there are many things to consider…primarily what doContinue reading “5 Strategic Ways to Kick Off A Successful Job Search”

Master the Art of the Informational Interview

Photo: Christina Morillo | Pexels.com Some people assume only students or new grads should go on informational interviews, but it can be a worthwhile endeavor for other job seekers as well. Career changers will especially find it useful. What It Is The purpose of an informational interview is to learn more about an industry orContinue reading “Master the Art of the Informational Interview”

Résumé Advice: It’s Time To Lose Your Objective!

Photo: Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels.com “How should I begin my résumé?” I’m often asked this by clients. Many of us were taught to begin our résumés with an objective—a sentence stating our professional goals. For instance, Seeking a customer service position to use my skills in a dynamic and fast-growing company. Or, perhaps a moreContinue reading “Résumé Advice: It’s Time To Lose Your Objective!”

Hate Your Former Boss? Handle These Job Interview Questions Carefully

Photo: Andre Hunter / Unsplash.com It happens in job interviews all the time. People who are unhappy with former employers share all the reasons their last boss was a jerk. While it may be true, this is not an appropriate subject for your interview. Here are three reasons bad-mouthing a former boss is a badContinue reading “Hate Your Former Boss? Handle These Job Interview Questions Carefully”

Master These Simple Interview Basics To Excel At Job Interviews

Photo: Sebastian Herrmann | unsplash.com Why do some people excel at job interviews, but you feel like it is always a struggle? If the thought of a job interview creates a bit of panic for you, try these steps to calm your nerves and prepare to crush your competition. Plan your outfit. You don’t wantContinue reading “Master These Simple Interview Basics To Excel At Job Interviews”