Are you in a career transition?

Stuck in a career rut? Entering the workforce after time away? Need assistance crafting a résumé or preparing for a job interview? I can help!

After years of increasing responsibilities at my “dream job,” I arrived at work one day to discover that some positions in my department had been eliminated — including mine!

This kicked off a journey of exploration for me that included rediscovering my passions, identifying my core values, and determining what my future career path could look like. Now, I enjoy helping others in transition do the same.

I have coached hundreds of job seekers to identify their true passions, develop strong résumés, implement effective job-search strategies, and tackle job interviews with confidence. 


Ready to take the next step in your career, but you aren’t sure what it is? Let’s figure it out! Through one-on-one coaching, we will explore your interests, narrow your focus, and develop strategies to shape the career path you want.

Job Search

Already know your passions and desired career path but need help landing the job you want? Let’s explore new strategies and create a plan to overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back in your job search.

Résumé &
Interview Prep

Need to brush up on the basics? Let’s create a résumé that helps you shine! Then we’ll conduct a mock job interview to figure out areas you can improve to land the job you want!

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