13 Career Goals To Tackle In 2022

Photo: Bich Tran,

Photo: Bich Tran,

It’s almost February…how are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you are like most of us, you’ve probably already given up on quite a few of them. Don’t worry, it happens!

I sometimes like to take a more segmented approach to my goals. Monthly goals seem easier to tackle than a year’s worth of commitment, and weekly goals are even better! So as we get ready to head into a new month, set some goals for yourself and your career.

Yes, I know the time for creating New Year’s resolutions has come and gone – but it’s never too late to start fresh! Here are a few ideas, organized into three categories, to help you get started.


Regardless of what stage of your career you are currently in, you can always improve. Maybe this means adding new skills or becoming an expert in your field, or maybe it means pursuing a better work-life balance. Pick just one of these goals and see what you can accomplish this month.

  • Learn a new skill
  • Expand your knowledge of your industry
  • Read a new career or motivational book each month
  • Incorporate a self-care habit into your work day
  • Evaluate your life’s goals and priorities. Is your current career helping you achieve them?


If career success relies as much on who you know as what you know, then professional relationships are very important to your career. People who have strong professional networks invest time in nurturing those relationships. Try it this month and see what happens!

  • Add one new professional relationship to your network each month
  • Find and connect with former co-workers on LinkedIn
  • Schedule a coffee or a lunch with a current co-worker
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and reach out to one contact per month to ask for a recommendation.


One way to increase feelings of joy and satisfaction is to serve others. Besides making one a better citizen, giving back to the community brings a sense of satisfaction. What causes are you passionate about? What is one area in your community where you’d like to make a difference? It may or may not be in an area that is related to your career, but it could provide an entirely new network of people you’ll get to know. Plus, it’s just a great thing to do! Try it out this month!

  • Volunteer for a cause or an organization you enjoy supporting
  • Jump in on a work project where people need help
  • Ask staff in other departments if there is a way you could help them
  • Volunteer for a committee at work or in the community

What goals would you add to the list?

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